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[edit] EvoBot with City Management Guide

[edit] About this Guide

This documentation is not an original work; it is a collection of information from several sources:

The purpose of this guide is to document and facilitate the use of Bob12's Elite AutoEvony Only.

This Document does not Support any other AE Clone despite Similar use. 

Kudos to bob12, the author of the EvoBot with City Management; this is truly excellent work.

[edit] Introduction

If you play at Evony for some time, you will notice that a lot of time is spent on uninteresting and extremely time-consuming tasks. The goal of Evobot with City Management is to remove as many of these tasks so that you can focus on what you are interested in. You can turn on the features you like, and turn off those that you do not.

Building and maintenance features:

  • Build and research based on goals you provide. Dependent buildings and researches are added automatically.
  • Trade automatically to balance out resources.
  • Build NPC 5, NPC 10, or convert all flats to NPC.
  • Farming NPC 5 for resources.
  • Farming NPC 10 for resource or for hero training.
  • Hunt for medals automatically to advance your title. 
  • Select good heroes from the Inn, train and upgrade them.

Combat related features:

  • Guarded attack allows troops to be recalled automatically if target is reinforced.
  • Loyalty attack makes sure at most one wave of cavalry dies in case the target is reinforced.
  • Spam attack makes repeated attacks against a town. Setting Goals.
  • Monitor your opponents before and during attacks

Note: You should be aware of when deciding whether to use "goals" or "scripts".

The structure of the city management code (which handles goals) is not for speed. It allocates time evenly to all towns, regardless of whether the town needs it or not. It spends a good amount of time doing nothing transitioning from working on one town to working on another. The design is to mimic human behavior, and not even a smart human's behavior.

With Scripts, you can do what ever you want. There is no problem with working on both towns at once, no problem with sending many attacks within a short time. The script often has more information and less checks (say the list of all npcs to be attacked, no need to check for error, whether the NPCs are truly NPCs and have not been captured by someone else for example), and script usually focuses on a few tasks of interests. As the result, works done by scripts can be done immediately and faster. Work on goals takes longer to initiate and is slower.

In short, you lose a lot of speed with Goals. You also lose your control over how to get things done. You cannot make the action "more human" or "less human". If you want to have things done your way, you should use Scripts.

What you gain with Goals is simplicity of your instruction to the bot. You can tell the bot what to build, what to research, how the defense and offense forces should be like. NPC farming is extremely simple to do. With "Script" only, you probably want to defend your town manually. With "Goals", it's likely the opposite. If you see millions of troops marching toward your town, it's much much better to let the bot to handle the defense.

Regarding the stability, the internal goal code is much more complicated than that of script, and you should expect the goal code to contain many more programming flaws.

It's probably best not to try to compare "scripts" and "goals" as a whole. You can and should use both depending on which one is more appropriate for your. If you use Evony's client a lot, Script should be what you use more, as Goals take a long time to initiate. If not, you probably want use "Goals" most of the time due to its simplicity, and use "Scripts" for the few things that you truly care about. If you spend a couple of hours or less a day playing and can leave your computer on for many more hours, you may want to use "Goals" more.

[edit] Goals Window Commands 

Use the Goals tab to specify goals for training troops, constructing (or demolishing) buildings & fields, constructing wall fortifications, research, and configuration of various city management behaviors. Goals are specified in text form; no GUI is provided.

Once goals have been set, the bot will queue training, building/demolishing, and research according to available resources.

Note that research and buildings may be dependent on each other. Asking for a building will case the research upon which that building depends to be researched, and asking for a research will make the buildings upon which that research depends to be built.

In an effort to allow changes to troop and fortification production to be done quickly, the bot normally keeps all queues short. This is effective if you plan to keep the bot running all the time. If you will be using the bot only during certain periods, you may wish to override the queuing behavior by using the configuration option "config dumping:1". With this option, when there are plenty of resources, the bot will fill up the queues in barracks and wall. You may also specify a higher dump factor, say "config dumping:3" to increase the size of the troop production batch.

[edit] MainTown Declaration

Several Goal Policies are contingent on being placed in your maintown, & due to towns possibly be reordered at Reboot / Refresh, Maintown should be declared at the top of the Goal Tab of which city you consider to be your main city.

Syntax Example Info / Description


maintown to declare that this city is your "maintown", necessary to run some policies.

[edit] Troop Training Goals


troop sw:10000,w:10000,a:20000,p:5000,s:20000.c:5000,cata:5000,wo:10000

troop c:10000,cata:10000,p:10000,b:2000,t:6000,wo:25000

troop cp:1000,r:1000,s:50000,c:50000,a:50000,cata:10000,p:50000

 troop sw:100000,w:100000,a:200000,p:100000,s:200000.c:100000,cata:20000,wo:100000
troop  b:2000,cp:2000,r:2000, t:10000

troop w:175000,s:35000,p:35000,sw:35000,a:35000,c:35000,t:35000,b:35000,r:40,cp:40

troop w:250000,s:50000,p:50000,sw:50000,a:50000,c:50000,t:50000,b:50000,r:60,cp:60

troop w:425000,s:85000,p:85000,sw:85000,a:85000,c:85000,b:85000,r:80,cp:80

troop w:500000,s:100000,p:100000,sw:100000,a:100000,c:100000,b:100000,r:100,cp:100

troop w:1000000,s:200000,p:200000,sw:200000,a:200000,c:200000,b:200000,r:200,cp:200

troop w:1500000,s:300000,p:300000,sw:300000,a:300000,c:300000,b:250000,r:200,cp:200

troop w:2000000,s:400000,p:400000,sw:400000,a:400000,c:400000,t:100000,r:300,cp:300

troop w:2500000,s:500000,p:500000,sw:500000,a:500000,c:500000,t:150000,r:400,cp:400

troop w:3000000,s:600000,p:600000,sw:600000,a:600000,c:600000,t:200000,r:500,cp:500

troop cata:100000,w:3500000,s:700000,p:700000,sw:700000,a:700000,c:700000,t:250000,r:600,cp:600

troop w:4000000,s:800000,p:800000,sw:800000,a:800000,c:800000,r:700,cp:700

troop w:4500000,s:900000,p:900000,sw:900000,a:900000,cata:10000,r:800,cp:800

troop w:5000000,s:1000000,p:1000000,sw:1000000,a:1000000,r:900,cp:90

troop :5500000,s:1100000,p:1100000,sw:1100000,a:1100000,r:1000,cp:1000

troop w:6000000,s:1200000,p:1200000,sw:1200000,a:1200000,r:1100,cp:1100

troop w:6500000,s:1300000,p:1300000,sw:1300000,a:1300000,r:1200,cp:1200

troop w:7000000,s:1400000,p:1400000,sw:1400000,a:1400000,r:1300,cp:1300

troop w:7500000,s:1500000,p:1500000,sw:1500000,a:1500000,r:1400,cp:1400

troop w:8000000,s:1600000,p:1600000,sw:1600000,a:1600000,r:1500,cp:1500

troop w:8500000,s:1700000,p:1700000,sw:1700000,a:1700000,r:1600,cp:1600

troop w:9000000,s:1800000,p:1800000,sw:1800000,a:1800000,r:1800,cp:1800

troop s:1900000,p:1900000,sw:1900000,a:1900000,,r:1900,cp:1900

troop s:2000000,p:2000000,sw:2000000,,r:2000,cp:2000

troop  s:2100000,p:2100000,sw:2100000,,r:2100,cp:2100

troop s:2200000,p:2200000,sw:2200000,,r:2200,cp:2200

troop  s:2300000,p:2300000,sw:2300000,,r:2300,cp:2300

troop s:2400000,p:2400000,sw:2400000,,r:2400,cp:2400

troop s:2500000,p:2500000,sw:2500000,,r:2500,cp:2500

troop s:2600000 ,p:2600000,r:2500,cp:2500

troop  s:2700000,p:2700000,r:2600,cp:2600

troop s:2800000,p:2800000,r:2700,cp:2700

troop  s:2900000,p:2900000,r:2800,cp:2800

troop s:3000000,p:3000000,r:2900,cp:2900

troop  s:3100000,r:3000,cp:3000

troop  s:3200000,r:4000,cp:4000

troop s:3300000,r:5000,cp:5000

troop  s:3400000,r:6000,cp:6000

troop s:3500000,r:7000,cp:7000

troop s:3600000,r:8000,cp:8000

troop s:3700000,r:9000,cp:9000

troop  s:3800000,r:10000,cp:10000

troop s:3900000,r:11000,cp:11000

troop s:4000000,r:12000,cp:12000

troop cata:150000,r:13000,cp:13000

troop troop w:8000000,s:3500000,p:2500000,sw:2000000,a:1700000,c:700000,cata:500000

troop t:250000,b:250000,r:8000,cp:108000, a:1000000

schedulepolicy 01:00 04:00 06:00 12:00

config attackwarning:1




 troop sw:100000,w:100000,a:200000,p:100000,s:200000.c:100000,cata:10000,wo:10000'


troop a:1000000,s:1000000,p:100000,b:10000,W:100000,t:10000,c:100000 

trooptype: Refers to the type of troop to be trained. Following are the accepted abbreviations for troop type.

  • wo (worker)
  • w (warrior)
  • p (pikeman)
  • sw (swordman)
  • s (scout)
  • a (archer)
  • c (cavalry)
  • cata (cataphract)
  • t (transporter)
  • b (ballista)
  • r (battering ram)
  • cp (catapult)

The number of troops specified in troopqty above is the number of troops you would like to have in your city, not the number of troops you wish to queue.  What this means is that should you have 100k archers already trained, then troop a:20000 will do nothing ... you ALREADY have more than 20k archers.  You should specify troop a:120000 to build an additional 20k archers.

Note also that multiple troop commands may be set, for example:

troop a:1,w:1,wo:1,p:1,sw:1,cav:1,cata:1,ram:1,cp:1

troop a:100000,b:550,t:400,w:3000,wo:5000,p:200,sw:200  

The first line builds 1 each archer, warrior, worker, pikeman, swordsman, cavalry, cataphract, battering ram, and catapult. When this goal is completed, the bot will begin work on the next goal of building 100,000 archers, 550 ballista, 400 transporters, 3,000 warriors, 5,000 workers, 200 pikemen, 200 swordsmen, 1 catapult, and 1 battering ram. Multiple troop goals should be used, for example, to build an initial NPC farming force, followed by a larger defensive or conquering force.  

Note: The units specified in the goal are not priorized left to right. Bob12 : From my own experience, I can see that it seems to queue transporters and ballistae first, then build cavalry/cataphract, then all other troops.

There are 2 troops production modes. One kicks in when you have 0 or 1 batch of troops queued in a barrack.
In this mode, the bot schedules about 30 minutes worth of troop production in the barrack with the best idle hero around. This mode alone should be able to keep your barracks busy all the time.
The other mode kicks is called "Resource Dumping" and is for when you have plenty of resource and dumping turned on. In this mode, the bot waits for a good hero and queue bigger batches of troops. One barrack is reserved and the bot doesn't dump troop on this barrack. The reserved barrack should still be busy all the time even though its troop queue is quite short. (See Also "Resource Dumping")

[edit] untrain

can also untrain troops as of v1.30.

Info / Description
untrain troop
untrain a:1000,cav:1000
to untrain 1000 archers & 200 cavs
untrain sw:-1000,p:-200
to untrain swordmen and pikemen to have exactly 1000 swordmen and 200 pkemen left.

[edit] traininghero

You can also specify the hero to be used when training troops with "Spare resources" (i.e. troops train with dumping option on). The bot will wait for the hero to be idle, or wait for the hero to arrive if the hero is not yet there. If traininghero line is missing, the bot will use the highest attack level hero available.

Example Info / Description

 config training:2

traininghero Bob to set a training hero to train troops in all your cities

The training hero should be upgraded using NPC 10 farming.  Add the training hero to "npc10heroes" list in one of the towns the training hero goes through, and the training hero will stop there for about one hour.  When you have a lot of troops, consider adding "config training:2" to upgrade the training hero faster.

With the exception of new players, it is strongly recommended that you train all your troops with your best hero.  You may want to make sure that no other hero in all your towns have the same name as your best hero.

[edit] traininglooptime

If you use the same traininghero in many town, the bot would send the traininghero repeatedly through the town. To slow down the pace, you must tell the bot to stop the hero by adding the hero in the npc10heroes list. You can optionally specify your desired time for the bot to loop through your towns.

Info / Description
traininglooptime 7200
traininglooptime 7200

to tell the training hero to go through all the towns approximately once every 2 hours.

[edit] Building Goals

Command build
Syntax build buildingtype:buildlevel[,buildqty][,buildingtype:buildlevel[,buildqty]]
build Barracks:9:19

build s:2:12 build c:3:4 build fh:2,a:1 build farm:0:0

buildingtype refers to the type of building or resource field to be constructed or demolished.

buildlevel is the level of the building which should be constructed.

buildqty is the goal number of the building type which the bot will attempt to construct. Buildqty is optional when only one of the type of structure is allowed. For instance, a city may have only one Embassy; when constructing the embassy, buildqty may be specified as 1 or may be omitted entirely.

Multiple buildingtype:buildlevel:buildqty statements may be used on the same build command line, as per the examples above; each buildingtype:buildlevel:buildqty statement is separated by a comma.

Also, multiple build command lines may be specified. In this case the bot will work towards the goal specified in the first build command line, then set new goals based upon the subsequent build command line, proceeding through each until all build goals have been accomplished.

A build goal like "build lumber_mill:2:8" means you want 8 saw mills level 2 (or higher). A build goal with level 0 has special meaning and is used when you want to demolish buildings. A goal like "build house:0:8" means that you want to demolish and keep at most 8 cottages.

Note that you can specify a building goal like academy without specifying other buildings that must be built before an academy can be built. These required buildings are added to the goals; in this case, town hall level 2 becomes a goal automatically. Similarly, you can specify cottages level 4, which implicitly requires town hall level 3, which requires wall level 1, workshop level 1, forge level 2, iron mine level 3, all of which are added to the goals.

[edit] Building Types

Full name - abbr.

  • academy - a
  • barrack - b
  • beacon (beacon tower) - be
  • cottage - c
  • embassy - e
  • feasting (feasting hall) - fh
  • forge - fo
  • farm - f
  • sawmill - s
  • quarry - q
  • iron (ironmine) - i
  • inn - inn
  • market - m
  • rally (rally spot) - r
  • relief (relief station) - rs
  • stable - st
  • town (townhall) - t
  • wall - w
  • warehouse - wh
  • workshop - ws

[edit] Fortification Goals


fortification at:17000,tra:5200, ab:5200, tre:5200


Syntax fortification tra:5200, ab:5200, tre:5200,at:17000

fortificationtype: Refers to the type of fortification to be constructed. Following are the accepted abbreviations for fortification type:

fortificationqty: The goal number of the fortification which the bot will attempt to construct.

[edit] Fortification Types

Full Name - abbr.

  • trap - tra
  • abatis - ab
  • archer tower - at
  • rolling log - r
  • trebuchet - tre

[edit] Research Goals

Command research
Syntax research researchtype:researchlevel[,researchtype:researchlevel]
research lumbering:9

research mining:9,agriculture:4

researchtype: Refers to the technology to be researched.

researchlevel: Refers to the goal level for the technology to be researched.

[edit] Research Types

Research Type Shorthand
agriculture ag
lumbering lu
masonry mas
mining mi
metal casting met
informatics in
military science ms
military tradition mt
ironworking ir
logistics lo
compass com
horseback riding ho
archery ar
stockpile st
medicine med
construction con
engineering en
machinery mac
privateering pr

[edit] Configuration Options Goals

The Configuration Options modify many different tasks which the bot automates. Each of these configuration options may be specified in a separate command line or may be specified together, separated by commas.


config trade:3

config hero:1 config npc:5 config training:1 config valley:10 config buildnpc:0 config hunting:4 config comfort:1

config gate:1 config warreport:1 gatepolicy 1 3 2 1 config hiding:2.5
config dumping 3

Syntax config trade:3
config trade:3

,config npc:1,config comfort:1,

config fasthero:60 config buildnpc:1,dumping:1,trade:3,npc:1,comfort:1,training:1,buildnpc:5,npc:5

 config hero:11 config buildnpc:1,dumping:1,trade:1,hero:11,buildnpc:5,npc:5

parameter: Configuration parameter as detailed in the sections below.

value: Value for the parameter as detailed in the sections below.

[edit] Trade 

When trade is turned on, the bot will manage resources in order to meet the goals which you have specified through the build, troop, fortification, or research goals detailed above. Unless you are around all the time to manage the resource manually, you should have this feature on. It is highly recommended that this feature be turned on. 

config trade:2 on Steroids. Meaning
config trade:1 Turn ON bot managed trading. The bot manages all resources for you. Using bot managed trading requires the presence of a market. This is the recommended setting. 
config trade:0 Turn OFF bot managed trading. The bot will not manage resources for you and you must manage resources manually. This is not the recommended setting.
config trade:2 Optionally: A more aggressive trading style for when your resource is low or when your resource consumption is high.
config trade:3 Optionally: An even More Aggressive Trading Style; detects situations in which trading much be done more quickly; config trade:2 on Steroids.

 You can also use "resourcelimits" to suggest the desirable amount of resource you would like in your town.

[edit] Hero Management

With hero management, the bot will automatically hire, fire, and level up your heros to the specifications to provide. 

config hero:1 Example Meaning
config hero:1 config hero:1 Level up your heroes and do nothing else 

config hero:10 Maintain 1 good politics hero and the remaining as good attack heroes.

config hero:11 Maintain 1 good politics hero, 1 good intel hero and the remaining as good attack heroes.

config hero:12 Maintain 1 good politics hero, 2 good intel heroes and the remaining as good attack heroes.

config hero:20 Maintain 2 good politics heroes and the remaining as good attack heroes.

config hero:21 Maintain 2 good politics heroes, 1 good intel hero and the remaining as good attack heroes.

config hero:22 Maintain 2 good politics heroes, 2 good intel heroes and the remaining as good attack heroes.
config fasthero:level config fasthero:60 Allows the bot to rapidly hire and fire heroes to speed up hero selection from the inn.
This option requires gold, and is suitable only when you have a low level inn.
The hiring/firing ends when all attack heroes have base attack value above the level specified.

[edit] NPC Farming Level 1 - 5

summary How to farm NPCs in AutoEvony

[edit] Introduction

One way to do NPC farming is to write a script to attacks the NPC. While this is simple, it is effectively make it hard for you to conduct war at the same time. You must also check your script from time to time to make sure that none of the NPC you have on your list has been captured and used as a town by someone else.

The right way to do NPC farming with `AutoEvony` is with setting goal "config npc:5".

Farming NPC 10 is never lossless and is enabled by setting the limit for remaining troops, for example "npc10limit a:250000", see NPC 10 farming section for detail.

[edit] Details

To start out farming, simply have this line in your Goals window "config npc:5" then click on Set Goals. It takes the bot some time to find all the NPC and start sending troops out to farm. Most of the time, this is all you have to do to farm the NPC 5 around you.

The bot has a very powerful capability to seek out NPC cities close to your city and automatically initiate “farming” attacks against those NPC cities. The bot will only attack NPC cities of level 5 or lower, as level 5 NPC cities are the largest that may be attacked without taking losses. The bot calculates the number of transporters which are needed based upon your logistics level.

config npc:5

config npc:1 Farm NPC cities level 1 through 5. 
config npc:2 Farm NPC cities level 2 through 5.
config npc:3 Farm NPC cities level 3 through 5.
config npc:4 Farm NPC cities level 4 through 5.
config npc:5 Farm only level 5 NPC cities.

[edit] NPCLimit
config npclimit:10 Example Meaning
config npclimit:10 config npclimit:10

Limits Bot farming to the specified number of days food supply based upon your troops food consumption.  For example if your troops consume 1.2m food per hour, & you specify 10 days for the npclimit, the bot will stop when food has reached 288,800,000.

(1,200,000 per hour X 24 hrs per day X 10 days = 288,800,000.)

May be used in conjuction with the "training" goal.

[edit] Training

In order to use the 'Training' Goal, 'NPCLimit' must also be set. After Reaching the NPCLimit as set above with Training also set the bot will send attacks to NPC 5's once an hour, in an effort to level up the heroes more quickly. 

There are 2 setting currently available.  Described as Follows:

 config training:1 Example Meaning
config training:6 config training:1 Resource can be substantially above the limit set in npclimit.

config training:2

NPC training attack are guaranteed not to increase resources.

(Doesn't Send Transporters, but Hero Leveling attacks will obtain minimum amount of resource able to be carried by the attacking force.)

config training:6
When the value of "config training" is 6 or higher, the bot takes the value as the frequency (in minutes) that you want to hit any particular npc, so use "config training:30" means hitting npc every 30 minutes when npclimit has been met.

'Training' also uses NPC 10's if correct parameters are set.  See NPC Lvl 10 Farming for more information.

[edit] Directives

[edit] NPCTroop

You can change to make the NPC farming the way you want. You can specify the troops you use for the attack with

config npc:5
npctroop b:500,t:3000 
Ex. npctroop b:500,t:3000

config npc:10
npctroop wo:2000,w:2000,s:100,p:100,a:93900,t:1900
[edit] NPCHeroes

You can specify the heroes you want to use with npcheroes. The NPC farming will use only the heroes you specify.

npcheroes hero1,hero2,hero3,hero4,hero5,hero6
Ex. npcheroes Ernest,Alva,Vera,Prudence , Marlon
[edit] NotNPCHeroes

You can specify the heroes you do not want to Farm NPC 5's. 

notnpcheroes hero1,hero2,hero3

when both 'npcheroes' and 'notnpcheroes' are preset, notnpcheroes is ignored.

[edit] NPCList

If NPCs sharing with your neighbor is an issue, you can restrict the bot to a list of NPCs with one or more npclist.

npclist 304,254 300,254 300,255 304,252 303,251 304,251 299,252 301,258 
npclist 306,255 305,251 305,257 298,256 298,252 304,250 299,258 298,257

The npctroop, npcheroes, and npclist lines should be placed in the Goals window together with "config npc:5". To find out the list of npc 5 around you, say within 10 miles of your town, you may run the following command in the script window:

findfield npc 10 20

[edit] NPCAvoidList

If NPC Sharing with your neighbor is an issue, you can restrict the bot from farming a list of NPCs

npcavoidlist 304,524 300,254 300,255

when both 'npclist' and 'npcavoidlist' are present, npcavoidlist is ignored.

[edit] BallsUsed

Specifies the number of ballista to be used when farming, level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, & level 5 NPC Cities.  The default values used when ballsused is not preset are: 20,50,170,250,550.  Most players will find that the follow values are sufficient: 20,50,130,200,400.

ballsused L1,L2,L3,L4,L5 
Ex. ballsused 20,50,130,200,400

[edit] NPC Building

When NPC building is enabled, the bot will search for a flat in the surrounding area, attack the flat, and build an NPC city on that flat. This task will only be carried out if you have enough troop for the attack, and enough resource and a city slot to build city.  You normally need lots of archers, some foot soldiers, and possibly a ballista to attack flats.

config buildnpc:0 Meaning
config buildnpc:1

config buildnpc:5

Enable construction of NPC 5
config buildnpc:0 Disable construction of NPCs
config buildnpc:2
config buildnpc:3
config buildnpc:4
Build NPC level 2, 3 or 4
config buildnpc:15 Build NPC 5 and 10          
config buildnpc:20 Convert all flats to NPCs

[edit] Valleys Capturing

Valleys which have been captured provide a production bonus depending on the type and level of valley captured.  For example, a level 10 lake will yield a 36% increase in food production, while a level 10 forest will yield a 23% increase in lumber production.  When enabled, the bot can automatically search for and capture valleys to achieve a production bonus. Currently the bot focuses on only one type of valley to maximize the bonus. The type of valleys captured depends on the makeup of resource fields in your city. If you have more saw mills than farms, quarries, iron mines, for example, the bot will take only forest valleys.

config valley:10

config valley:10 Search for and capture valleys at or below the specified value. For example, config valley:10 will cause the bot to capture level 10 valleys of the proper type.

config valley:10
config valley:5
config valley:0 Setting a valley level of  0 (zero) will disable valley capturing.  This is the default value for this parameter.

See the table below for further reference.

Type Food Food Food Iron Stone Lumber

Grasslands Swamp Lake Hill Desert Forest
Level 1 3% 5% 8% 5% 5% 5%
Level 2 4% 7% 11% 7% 7% 7%
Level 3 5% 9% 14% 9% 9% 9%
Level 4 6% 11% 17% 11% 11% 11%
Level 5 7% 13% 21% 13% 13% 13%
Level 6 8% 15% 24% 15% 15% 15%
Level 7 9% 17% 27% 17% 17% 17%
Level 8 10% 19% 30% 19% 19% 19%
Level 9 11% 21% 33% 21% 21% 21%
Level 10 12% 23% 36% 23% 23% 23%

[edit] Medal Hunting

When enabled, the bot will farm valleys for medals.

On old servers, attacks against level 1-3 valleys can yield cross, rose, and lion medals. Medal hunting can also be used to get honor, courage, wisdom, and freedom medals, though the drop rate is lower. If you are patient, you should be able to get your title to Duke by attacking level 1-3 valleys (and take no troop lost).

On new servers, the drop rate is much lower for low level valleys. There are practically no medals from level 1-3 valleys. On these servers, it is preferable to attack level 9 and 10 valleys for medals.

The bot uses 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1,600, 3,200, 6,400, 12,800, 19,990 archers in the attacks on valleys, depending on valley level. For valley level 4 and above, it also uses one scout, pike, swordman as layers, and about 3 times as many warriors as archers as fodder.

Expect to lose about 300k-400k archers and a few million warriors to get your title up to Furstin.

config hunting:4 Meaning
config hunting:1 Enable medal farming against level 1-3 valleys.
config hunting:2 Enable medal farming against level 4-6 valleys.
config hunting:3 Enable medal farming against level 7-9 valleys.
config hunting:4 Enable medal farming against level 9-10 valleys.
Be sure to have 20k+ archers and 60k+ warriors and a few of all other troops to attack level 9 and 10 valleys.
config buildnpc:0 Enable medal farming against level 10 valleys only.
Be sure to have 20k+ archers and 60k+ warriors and a few of all other troops to attack level 10 valleys.

Troops used by valley level
Valley Level Warriors Scout Pikemen Sordwmen Archers
1 0 0 0 0 50
2 0 0 0 0 100
3 0 0 0 0 200
4 1200 1 1 1 400
5 2400 1 1 1 800
6 4800 1 1 1 1600
7 9600 1 1 1 3200
8 19200 1 1 1 6400
9 38400 1 1 1 12800
10 60000 1 1 1 19990

Suggested troops goal for config hunting:4 & config hunting:5 :troop warr:65000,s:5,p:5,sw:5,a:22000 troop warr:130000,s:10,p:10,sw:10,a:45000

Placing this troop goal before the others troop goals will prioritize the ability to perform medal hunting.

[edit] Directives

[edit] Valleytroop

Attacking Troops sent to capture or medal hunt are configurable with valleytroop command.

Info / Description
config hunting:5 :troop warr:65000,s:5,p:5,sw:5,a:22000 troop warr:130000,s:10,p:10,sw:10,a:45000  
valleytroop a:50000,p:100,sw:100
Change Valley Troops from Default to 50k Archers, 100 Pikemen, 100 Swordsmen

Note : Also affects Troop Makeup for Flat Conquering Purposes.  Be Sure to have enough troops to Conquer a Lvl 10 Flat or Valley.

[edit] HuntingPos

Tells the bot to only hunt at this location.

Syntax Example Info / Description
huntingpos xxx,yyy huntingpos 110,100 Forces the Bot to hunt the valley located at 110,100 only.

[edit] HuntingType

Restricts the Bot from Hunting any other type of Valley that what is specified.

Syntax Example Info / Description
huntingtype Hill huntingtype Desert Tells the bot to hunt only at Desert Valleys

[edit] HuntingMax

Restricts the Bot to Maximum number of Missions

Syntax Example Info / Description
huntingmax max_missions huntingmax 3 Maximum Number of Missions per Valley

[edit] Comfort Management

When enabled, the bot can comfort your town. 

Use "config comfort:1" to let the bot to comfort your town. This is useful in a number of situations, making your town extremely hard to be captured (especially when used with "config hiding:1"), or allowing your town to have few cottages, for example. If high prestige is desirable, you can use "config comfort:2" instead. 

config comfort:1 Meaning
config comfort:1 Bot will automatically perform a “comfort disaster relief” operation for your town as needed.
config comfort:2 Bot will automatically perform a “comfort pray” operation for your town every 15 minutes. This is helpful to raise prestige.
config comfort:3 Bot will automatically perform a “comfort blessing” operation for your town as needed.
config comfort:4

Bot will automatically perform a “comfort population raising” operation for your town as needed.

Note: With "config comfort:4" set, the bot will also perform each of the other comforts as needed in your city.

[edit] Gate Management

If gate control is enabled, the bot will open/close the gate to defend the town. 

config gate:1 Meaning
config gate:1 Bot will open/close gate interval minutes before an attack lands.  For example, config gate:1 will act 1 minute before an attack lands.  config gate:0.2 will act 0.2 minutes (12 seconds) before an attack lands.

Note: Town defense is quite complex. The bot can defend your town when it is strong, weak, even extremely weak. In general, if you have 300k+ archers, the bot will let scout bombs to hit. Below that, it starts flashing it's gate. Below 100k archers, the bot closes the gate when attacked, but will open to deal with small loyalty attack waves. The gate defend is effective in conjunction with a good troop production policy to produce rainbow, and available feasting hall spaces to discourage scout bombs.

Note on Server Timing: When you log on to the bot, make sure you take note of the server lag discrepancy. If it says -20 seconds, open your Taskbar clock and add 20 seconds to your current time by clicking the up arrow buttons on the clock seconds. Log on and off again to see the discrepancy has gone down. If your discrepancy is too high, either positive or negative, your gates will open and close at the wrong times and your transports may not leave in time before an attack lands.

War Report Monitor

When war report monitoring is enabled the bot will periodically check war reports and notify you if alliance members were attacked.

Note: this option is available only for your first town. 
config warreport:1 Meaning
config warreport:1 Enable bot monitoring of war reports.
config warreport:0 Disable bot monitoring of war reports.

[edit] WarTown

If you wish to temporarily disable all troops movement.

config wartown:1
Disable all Troop Movements; NPC Farming or Valley Capturing Waves, etc.
config wartown:0
Enable all Troop Movements;

[edit] Abandon

If you wish to give a city to another player, abandon is the config to use.  Be sure to run "evacuatetown" in the Script Tab before using Abandon.

Parameter:Value Meaning
config abandon:1

Lowers Loyalty & disbands all troops in preparation for takeover; 

Note : Be Sure to run "evacuatetown xxx,yyy" in the Scripts Tab prior to setting config abandon.

config abandon:2

Disables automatic comforting for manual lowering of Loyalty via Script Tab Commands settaxrate & levy.

Goals Tab
config abandon:2   // Disables Auto Comforting

Scripts Tab

settaxrate 80  // Sets Tax Rate to 80% to slowly lower loyalty to 20

levy iron // Lowers Loyalty by 20


[edit] NoCapture

There are times when you absolutely don't want to keep any captured heroes.

config nocapture:1
forces the bot to release all captured heroes automatically

[edit] AttackGap

You can change the time the rainbow will be back, that was sent prior to being attack.

Parameter:Value Example Meaning
config attackgap:seconds config attackgap:30 the rainbow sent out just before being attacked will be scheduled to return if there is no attack in that gap of seconds

[edit] KeepReports

Keeps All Reports Generated for your Cities.

config keepreports:2 Example Meaning
config keepreports:2
config keepreports:1 disables default behavior; keeps all reports (1=on; 0=off)
config keepreports:2 keeps only interesting reports : troops lost & items gained

[edit] NoMayor

Leaves the Position of Mayor Open.

Parameter:Value Example Meaning
config nomayor:1 config nomayor:1 disables default behavior; Demotes the Mayor & leaves the position open. (1=on;0=off)

[edit] Goal Policies

[edit] Schedule Policy

Info / Description
schedulepolicy 01:00 04:00 06:00 12:00
schedulepolicy 18:30 00:30 06:00 12:00

Bot Works from 6:30PM to 12:30AM Local time, then from 6:00AM to 12:00PM Local time.  (Note : the Bot randomly offsets scheduled time between 0 - 20 minutes.)

*Note: schedulepolicy is best set in the "Maintown" to avoid confusion & mis-settings.

[edit] Maintenance Policy

Policy Example Info / Description
maintpolicy 90 120 maintpolicy 90 120 Bot will use a randomly selected time between 90 minutes & 120 minutes for Maintenance Downtime.

[edit] WarTown Policy

You can additionally set the time for this war town condition with:

Policy Example Info / Description'
wartownpolicy start_time stop_time wartownpolicy 20:00 22:00 Scheduled WarTown Configuration
wartownpolicy wartownpolicy 11:00 12:00 20:00 22:00 Multiple Start & Stop Times for WarTown Configuration

[edit] Gate Control Policy

The Bot Recognizes 5 situations :

1 2 3 4 5
no attack regular attack scout bomb mixed attack paused (maintenance)

Using The 4 Types of Gate Control :

0 1 2 3
Bot is in Charge Open the Gate Closed the Gate Gate is Unpredictable

You can Set:

Policy Examples Info / Description
 gatepolicy 1 3 2 1

 gatepolicy 1 1 1 1  Gate is always Open; Used when Town has Good Defenses
 gatepolicy 1 0 0 1


Gate is only open with no Attack & during Maintenance.

All other types of attacks the Bot Decides open or closed gates;
Used When Town has Ok Defenses

 gatepolicy 1 3 2 1


Gate is open during no Attack, Unpredictable(flicker) during regular attacks,
Closed during scout bombs, Closed during Mixed Attacks, & Open at maintenance;
Used When Town is Weak against Strong Opponent.

[edit] Distance Policy

The Bot Recognizes 4 Distance Types :

max distance for farming npc's
max distance for building npc
max distance for medal hunting
max distance for capturing valleys
max distance for building Level 10 NPCs

*Note : Build NPC behavior is now determined by 2 radii when building npc 5 and 10 concurrently with buildnpc:15. The bot builds npc 10 inside the small circle, and build npc 5 in the ring between the 2 circles. For all other value of buildnpc, the small radius is ignored.

Using the Previous Table you can set :

Info / Description
distancepolicy 10 15 16 15 5
distancepolicy 10 15 16 15 3
Default : distancepolicy 10 10 10 15 3

[edit] Hero Related Policies

Policy Example Info / Description
spamheroes hero1,hero2,... spamheroes Tim,Tom,Terry to use Heroes as disposable during Attacks  (Spam, Honor, etc)
notspamheroes hero1,hero2,... notspamheroes Bob,SuperHero to not use Heroes as disposable during Attacks (Spam, Honor, etc)
traininghero hero1 traininghero Bob to use Hero as Troop Trainer between towns
nouplevelheroes hero1,hero2,... nouplevelheroes Bob,Bill,Max to not automatically level up heroes Bob, Bill, & Max

[edit] Trade Related Policies

Info / Description
resourcelimits 50000000 50000000 50000000 50000000
resourcelimits 100000000 30000000 30000000 30000000
to suggest to the desirable amount of resources  in your town in respect to the Config Trade Goal.

[edit] Troop & Resource Related Policies

[edit] RequestHelp

Request help is similar to troop and resource keeping, but in the reversed direction. A town can request troop and resource help when its troop and resource level falls below a certain level.

Info / Description
requesthelp 549,119 a:1,000,000,000 w:1,000,000,000 s:1,000,000,000 sw:1,000,000,000 p:1,000,000,000 c:1,000,000,000 cata:1,000,000,000 b:50,000 cp:10,000 r:10,000 requesthelp 101,100 a:5 a:50 f:10 f:100
to have 101,100 send archers to this town when the town has less than 5 archers and 101,100 has more than 50 archers, and to send food if this town has 10 or less food while 101,100 has more than 100 food.

[edit] KeepResource

You may want to limit the resource in a town and send excessive resource to a different town with with "keepresource". The feature could be useful if you have specialized towns and wish to automatically transports excess resource between them or to supply food to your war town.

Info / Description
keepresource 469,574  f:15000000 10000000
keepresource 101,102 f:100000 50000

when there are more than 100k food in the town the bot will try to send food to 101,102. The bot may have to wait for enough transports to make sure that each trip carries at least 50k resource.

Ver.1.27 allows for multiple lines of keepresource.

[edit] KeepTroop

You may want to restrict a number of troops in a town, especially ones with limited food supply. Excessive troops can be sent somewhere else automatically with "keeptroop". This feature is also useful to reinforce a war town or a town where you train hero with npc 10 attacks.

Info / Description
keeptroop 770.532 a:150000,warr:150000 10000
keeptroop 101,102 a:150000,warr:40000 10000

when there are more than 150k archers or more than 40k warriors, and that the number of excessive troops is 10k or more, the excesive troops are sent to 101,102.

[edit] ExtraTroop

It is possible to build troops conditioning on the troop level on another town.

Policy Example Info / Description
extratroop 770,532 a:1000 a:10000 extratroop 101,102 a:1000 a:10000 to train 10k archers when 101,102 has less than 1k archers

extratroop 770,532 s:1000,a:200 s:3000,a:5000
 extratroop 101,102 s:1000,a:200 s:3000,a:5000 to train 3k scouts when 101,102 has less than 1k scouts; or to train 5k archers when 101,102 has less than 200 archers.

[edit] Strategic Notes

Note that "extratroop", together with "keeptroop" and "requesthelp", enables linking the defense of all your towns together. A simple way to set up is to have one main town and many production towns, with the production towns sending troops and resources to the main town, and the main town help back the production towns with troops and resource if necessary.

[edit] Audio Attack Warning

config attackwarning:1
config attackwarning:1

to alert you with an audible alarm when your town is under attack.  The Config should be placed in the Goals Tab of your 'maintown', but is effective across all towns.  

(Note : the bot ignores junk attacks)

[edit] Resource Hiding (Experimental)

This is an experimental feature. Transports and ballistas are important for your town to obtain resources. Enable hiding to let them avoid battle, as well as to move your resources out before your town is attacked. This feature is useful when your town is extremely weak. When there are a lot of archers in the town, hiding does nothing.

config hiding:2.5 Meaning
config hiding:2.5 Enable hiding of ballistas, transporters, and resources by the bot.
Hiding occurs interval minutes prior to arrival of an attack.
config hiding:0 Disable automatic hiding of resources.
config hiding:1 Hiding occurs 1 minutes prior to arrival of an attack.
config hiding:2.5 Hiding occurs 2.5 minutes prior to arrival of an attack.

[edit] Resource Dumping

The bot trains troops in 2 different modes, one to build small number of troops quickly, and one to train large number of troops quickly.  By default, only small number of troops are built with whatever best hero currently available in town.  To build large number of troops, you need to specify a training hero and the dumping parameter.  When the resource is sufficient and the training hero is in town, the bot queues troops in large batches in all barracks.  When dumping factor is 1, each batch takes about 3 hours to complete.  You can change thd dumping factor, say "config dumping:0.5" or "config dumping:2" to decrease or increase the size of the batch.

Parameter:Value Meaning
config dumping:factor

 Enable queueing of larger amounts of troops using excess resouces, the higher the interval the highter the queue size

[edit] Response

By default, the bot waits a short time before canceling the attack to be more human like.

Parameter:Value Example Meaning
config response:min config reponse:8

to set the minimum delay before cancelling an attack.

NOTE: Default delay is randomly set between 7 - 15 seconds

[edit] Debug

There are Multiple levels of debug available.  Each provide a more detailed description of the process in which Goals are Undertaken by the Bot in their respective areas.

 config debug:13
 config debug:13
config debug:1
Outputs general goal by goal operations;

config debug:10
Outputs population targeted information pertaining to total population, worker population, & idle population after building or troop training.

config debug:11
Outputs NPC troop information in regards to Troop Number & Hero availability.

config debug:12

Outputs War Report; Also Honor & Attacker/Defender Kill Stats in Log

config debug:13 Outputs Trade Related information in regards to Current & Desired Levels of Resources

NPC Farming (Level 10) Goals

The feature manages how the bot send out attacks on level 10 NPC's to level your heros! Once configured the BOT will seek out Level 10 NPC cities close to your city and automatically initiate “leveling” attacks. To accomplish level 10 leveling attacks, you have the following commands:

Info / Description
 npc10limit Specifies the minumum level of troops before level 10 attacks will begin
npc10heroes Specifies the list of heros you want to send on level 10 attacks
npc10troop Specifies the troops you want to send on level 10 attacks

[edit] npc10heroes

Command npc10heroes
Syntax npc10heroes Queen[,hero2]

npc10heroes Hero1,Hero2
npc10heroes MainHero
npc10heroes BigBoy,JoeMomma

Note that if you use traininghero, the training hero should be in the npc10heroes for one of the town to stop him from cycling too fast through all towns.

[edit] npc10limit

Command npc10limit
Syntax npc10limit npc10limit a:300000,w:10000,p:5000,sw:5000
Examples npc10limit a:100000,w:230000,sw:2500,p:2500,c:1,s:1,w:1
npc10limit a:300000,w:10000,p:5000,sw:5000

[edit] NPC10Troop

Command npc10troop
Syntax  npc10troop wo:2000,w:2000,sw:100,p:100,t:1900,a:93900
npc10troop warr:65000,s:5,p:5,sw:5,a:22000 troop warr:130000,s:10,p:10,sw:10,a:45000 


npc10troop a:92100,warr:2000,wo:2000,s:2000,t:1990


[edit] NPC10List

Command npc10list
Syntax npc10list 769,527[,768,536]
npc10list 206,664 206,665 207,668 208,670 

[edit] Sample Goals

[edit] New City Sample

You can use the following goals to have resource fields and basic research for the first few days.  A number of buildings such as town hall, stable, workshop, forge, wall  are built implicitly as required.

build market:1
build quarry:1:6,iron:1:3,cottage:1:3,saw:1:6
build quarry:2:6,iron:2:3,cottage:2:4,saw:2:6,market:2
build quarry:3:6,iron:3:3,cottage:2:6,saw:3:6
build feasting:2
build quarry:4:6,iron:4:3,cottage:3:8,saw:4:32
build quarry:5:6,iron:5:3,cottage:4:8,saw:5:32
build quarry:6:6,iron:6:3,cottage:5:8,saw:6:32
build quarry:7:6,iron:7:3,cottage:5:8,saw:7:32,barrack:9

research mining:1,agriculture:1,lumbering:1,masonry:1
research mining:2,agriculture:2,lumbering:2,masonry:2
research mining:3,agriculture:3,lumbering:3,masonry:3
research mining:4,agriculture:4,lumbering:4,masonry:4
research mining:5,agriculture:5,lumbering:5,masonry:5
research met:1,in:1,ms:1,mt:1,ir:1,lo:1,com:1,ho:1
research met:2,in:2,ms:2,mt:2,ir:2,lo:2,com:2,ho:2
research met:3,in:3,ms:3,mt:3,ir:3,lo:3,com:3,ho:3
research met:4,in:4,ms:4,mt:4,ir:4,lo:4,com:4,ho:4
research met:5,in:5,ms:5,mt:5,ir:5,lo:5,com:5,ho:5

config trade:1,comfort:1,hero:10

[edit] Established City Sample
traininghero Ennis

troop b:4400,t:3000,a:130000,warr:3000,wo:5000,p:200,sw:200,cp:100troop

troop a:130000,warr:3000,wo:5000,p:200,sw:200,cp:200,b:5000

troop a:200000,p:2000,sw:2000,cav:2000,cata:1000,t:15000,cp:500,b:9000

troop a:350000,warr:60000,wo:60000,s:60000,cav:25000,t:50000,cp:1000

troop a:500000,cp:2000,b:10000

troop s:100000,s:200000,s:500000,s:600000,s:700000,s:800000,s:900000,s:10000000

troop s:15000000,s:20000000,s:25000000

troop a:1000000,b:15000,t:50000,warr:500000,wo:60000,s:1500000,p:100000

troop sw:100000,cav:50000,cata:35000,ram:1000,cp:3000 troop cp:5000

troop a:15000000,a:20000000

troop b:20000,sw:100000,p:100000,b:25000,b:30000

fortification trap:10,ab:10,at:1,r:10,rock:10

fortification trap:100,ab:100,at:10,r:10,rock:10

fortification trap:1000,ab:10000,at:100000,r:100,rock:100 npctroops b:450,t:400

config trade:2,npc:5,buildnpc:15,hero:10,comfort:2,gate:0.5 config dumping:0.3,hiding:0.15,fasthero:65

config valley:10,debug:1,training:2,attackwarning:1,warreport:1

//Note attackwarning and warreport only works when set in maintown npc10heroes hero1,hero2,hero3 npc10troops a:93000,scout:1,wo:1,warr:4996,pike:1,sword:1,t:2000 npc10limit a:250000 gatepolicy 2 0 2 0 2

'The example Above assumes you to have a city that has a level 9 or greater rally spot'

You should have researches of Archery level 9 + WITH HBR level 9+ as well as Military Science and Military Tradition both at level9</span

This will minimize on the Ballista losses.

In the example below, anything after the // per line would be omitted it's just for reference

config trade:1,comfort:1,gate:.5,npc:5,npclimit:60,dumping:1,hero:1,training:1  // allow trading, allow to comfort, set gates to close .5 minutes prior to attack, 
                                        farm NPC5, farm until 60 days food, dumping for more que'd army, uplevel hero, 
                                        allow more than 60 days food to still farm.

fortification trap:1000,at:18000 // maintain 1000 traps, maintain 18000 AT's

[edit] Building Configuration Samples

build f:0:1 // make sure to have at most 1 farm

build i:0:1 // make sure to have at most 1 ironmine

build q:0:1 // make sure to have 1 quarry

build s:9:37 // make sure to have 37 sawmills for selling resources to buy food, iron, & stone

[edit] Research Training Samples

research lu:9,ar:4

[edit] Troop Training Samples

troop a:1,warr:1,wo:1,p:1,sw:1,cav:1,cata:1,ram:1,cp:1

troop a:100000,b:550,t:400,warr:3000,wo:5000,p:200,sw:200,cata:1,ram:1

[edit] Fortification Building Samples

fortification trap:1,ab:1,at:1,r:1,rock:1

fortification at:1000

fortification trap:100,ab:100,at:14000,r:10,rock:10

[edit] Config Settings Samples

config trade:1,hero:11,buildnpc:1,dumping:1

[edit] Scripting Windows Commands

[see evobot's guide]

Parallel actions code is no longer available in this version. Commands like "define" has been removed.

Note: Put scripting QuickRef here

Need to edit / reformat this section forward

[edit] Interface commands for goals

A number of commands are available in Script Tab to set the goals, to ensure that goals are fully programmable. The commands are:

resetgoals ...
config ...
buildinggoals ...
techgoals ... 
troopgoal ... 
setballsused ... 

You most likely want to use these commands when you want to schedule the bot to work only on some period of time, for example.

[edit] Autorun Command

Autorun enables the user to login to the bot, as long as previously set username & password exist, automatically without pressing 'Login'.  It is very useful for players with multiple accounts as it automates login without interaction.  Also delays the login time randomly between 10-500 seconds to simulate human-like logins for multiple accounts.

autorun true
autorun true

When used in conjunction with adding the Bot Login Page as the Start Page in browser, creates full automation without user-interaction.

[edit] BuildCity Command

Info / Description
buildcity xxx,yyy
buildcity 101,102
to build city on previously taken flat 101,102

to cancel build city in progress

[edit] GuardedAttack Command

Schedule a scout and an attack and recall the attack based on the result of the scout.

guardedattack xxx,yyy troop num_scouts opponent_troop
guardedattack 100,101 a:99600,w:100,s:100,p:100,sw:100 10 a:60000,cav:50000
Info / Description
In the above example, the bot will schedule a scout with 10 scouts and an attack on 101,101 with 99600 archers so that the scouts arrive a random time between 15-30 seconds before the archers. If the scout fails, the attack is recalled. If the scout is successful but there are 60k+ archers OR 50k+ cavalry at the target, the attack is also recalled.

to cancel guardedattack in progress

[edit] SetGuard Command

Alternatively, you can manually schedule attacks and scouts and use "setguard" to monitor the attack. "setguard" is also useful if you have to restart the bot. 

Info / Description
setguard xxx,yyy opponent_troop

attack 100,101 any w:100000,a:100,s:100,p:100,sw:100

scout 100,101 any s:100000

setguard 100,101 a:60000,cav:50000

to send 100k scouts to 100,101 & to setguard monitor attack & recall if necessary

[edit] LoyaltyAttack / Capture Command

Info / Description
loyaltyattack xxx,yyy num_cavalry
loyaltyattack 100,101 3000
to repeatedly send waves of calvary to 100,101, on failure, recall all waves;(including attack waves sent from other towns); also Loyaltyattack stops attack when loyalty of 100,101 is at 7.

capture xxx,yyy num_cavalry
capture 100,101 3000
to repeatedly send waves of cavalry to 100,101, on failure, recall all waves; Capture doesn't stop waves until 100,101 is Captured.

to cancel loyaltyattack/capture in progress
Related Policy

It is also possible to run "capture" from one town, and "loyaltyattack" from another.

[edit] SpamAttack Command

Repeatedly attack a town. Heroes are made sure to be at loyalty 100 before sending out. 

Info / Description
spamattack xxx,yyy troop num_waves
spamattack 597.63,  w:80000,t:2000 4
to attack 101,102 with 500 cavs & 500 scouts 10 times. (Heroes are put to 100% Loyalty before sent.

You can cancel spam attacks, send the spamattack command again with 0 as num_waves.

The feature is useful for clearing traps or abatis.  The heroes used in spamattack can be specified in the Goals Tab as:

spamheroes hero1,hero2,...

or by setting non-spam attack heroes with:

notspamheroes hero1,hero2,...

Your hero may be captured even if his/her loyalty is 100. 

[edit] HonorAttack Command

Similar to spam attack, except it Stops Attacks when honor is Lost or optionally at a set amount of honor is lost.

Info / Description
honorattack target troop [honor_condition]
honorattack 100,101 warr:100
attacks & stops if honor is lost
honorattack 100,101 warr:100 100000
attacks & stops if honor lost is more than 100000
honorattack 100,101 warr:100 -100000
attacks & stops if honor gained is more than 100000

The HonorAttack command is useful for taking out traps and abatis of enemy towns or to dump honor.You can modify the response time with "config response:min" as in loyalty attack.  Your hero may be captured even if his/her loyalty is 100. When using a honor attack, it is recommended that you set in the Goals Tab:

notspamheroes hero1,hero2,...

to specify the heroes you don't want to use, and have "fasthero" enabled to hire new heroes when current ones are captured.

[edit] FieldAttack Command

a.k.a. Valley War

Valley war is nasty. It is a waste of time to defend valleys in general, especially when most of the time your heroes are out farming. It is easier to retaliate with:

Syntax Example Info / Description
fieldattack alliance xxx,yyy radius minimum_level fieldattack Storm,Storm2 101,102 100 7

to attack all valleys lvl 7 or above within 100miles of 101,102 owned by alliance Storm or Storm2

endfieldattack endfieldattack to end field attack in progress

You will need scouts for the attacks. As heroes can be easily lost when attacking valleys, it's best that you have a town dedicated for this valley war (say a newly captured npc 10). For efficiency, using the Goal Tab :

config hero:10,fasthero:10

to enable hiring hero for replacement,

and a Goal Tab Policy:

notspamheroes superhero

to specify that all heroes can be lost.

The bot could easily clear out valleys in an entire state within a day.

You can cancel field attack in the Scripts Tab with


[edit] BigAttack Command

to attack whilst consuming a war ensign

Syntax Example Info / Description
bigattack xxx,yyy hero troop [camptime]

bigattack 101,123 Bob s:125000 to attack 101,123 while consuming a war ensign for the maximum sized attack
bigattack 101,123 Bob s:125000 @ 12:00:00 to attack 101,123 while consuming a war ensign for the maximum sized attack camptimed for 12:00:00

[edit] BigScout Command

to scout whilst consuming a war ensign

Syntax Example Info / Description
bigscout xxx,yyy hero troop bigscout 101,123 Genius s:125000 to scout 101,123 while consuming a war ensign for the maximum sized troop outing

[edit] Evacuatetown Command

Useful when you want to move all your troops out to another town before running "abandontown" in the Scripts Tab. If you have a lot of resource in the town, make sure the town have many transports. The bot will move most troops and resource to another town. Note that the heroes are not moved automatically.

Info / Description
evacuatetown coord [troop_only_flag]

evacuate 101,102 true
to send all troops & resources to 101,102
evacuate 101,102
to send only troops to 101,102

endevacuate endevacuate to cancel evacuation; enter in to scripts tab after evacuation has begun

[edit] Abandontown Command

D • A • N • G • E • R • O • U • S!
Info / Description
Abandontown should be used with care.  It is used in the SCRIPTS TAB of the Town to be abandoned.  It is best to allow the bot to BUILD NPCs, but for whatever purpose you must use this command DOUBLE CHECK that it is in the City to be Abandoned.  Be sure to run 'evacuatetown' script command previous to using this command.

There are No 2nd Chances using this command.

[edit] Recall Command

Syntax Example Info / Description
recall location recall 100,101 to recall troops all troops heading to 100,101

idrecall armyid idrecall 1089052 to recall army id #1089052 ; ID # of army found in the army tab

[edit] HealTroops Command 

While the bot can heal your injured troop on its own, there are time when you want them to be healed manually. For example, in between the attacking waves at your town.

Syntax Example Info / Description
healtroops to manually healtroops

sleep @ 14:01:32


to sleep until 14:01:32 then healtroops


[edit] Travelinfo Command

Find the attack travel time or reinforcement travel time. 

Syntax Example Info / Description
travelinfo coord troop travelinfo 101,102 cav:10,cata:10 to find attack & reinforce times; food consumptions; & Load Carrying cabilities of defined troops

[edit] PersuadeHero Command

persuadehero hero

Persuade a captured hero Bob, the medals required for the persuasion if any are shown in hero tab.

[edit] DumpResource Command

Info / Description
dumpresource xxx,yyy condition resource
dumpresource 101,100 f:1000000,g:500000 f:500000,g:250000
Dump resource to another location when there are too much resource, transporters are needed.

[edit] DumpTroop Command

Syntax Example Info / Description
dumptroop xxx,yyy condition troops dumptroop 101,100 a:100000,s:500000 a:200000,s:150000 Dump 200k Archers & 150k Scouts to 101,100 when there are at least 1M Archers & 500k Scouts.

[edit] ScanMap Command

Syntax Example Info / Description
scanmap 549,119 100  scanmap 101,100 30 to increase search area for other search functions.

[edit] ReScanMap Command

Scanning map takes a long time.  The map is cached in general.  To Update areas that were previously scanned, use:

Syntax Example Info / Description
rescanmap 765,531 100 rescanmap 101,100 30

to update previously scanned areas

[edit] ScanDetail Command

Syntax Example Info / Description
scandetail 765,531 6 scandetail 101,100 6 to scan fields in a 6 mile radius around 101,100

[edit] FindField Command

Info / Description
findfield npc 5  50
findfield npc 5 10
to find all lvl 5 NPCs in a 10mile radius

Possible Field Types :
NPC, Forest, Desert, Hill, Swamp, GrassLand, Lake, or Flat

Note : When Searching for Flats verify ownership with \loc xxx,yyy

[edit] Extra Findfield Commands

Syntax Example Info / Description
findfield NPC 5 50 any t:3000,b:500

findfield NPC 5 6 any b:400,t:400
to get a farming script for lvl 5 NPCs in a 6mile radius
findfield NPC 5 6 any b:400,t:400 101,102 to get a farming script for lvl 5 NPCs in a 6mile radius from 101,102

[edit] Monitorprestige Command

Syntax Example Info / Description
monitorprestige nick [population_flag]

monitorprestige Bob monitor Bob's prestige for Changes
monitorprestige Bob true monitor Bob's prestige & Total Population for Changes
monitorprestige Billy-Bob

monitor Billy Bob's prestige 

*Note : Special Characters & Spaces are replaced by ' - ' in command.

[edit] Miscellaneous Script Commands

These are entered in the Scripts Tab.


Example(s) Info / Description
listmedals listmedals to list all medals

listitems Justice

listitems guides

listitems to list all items, including medals
listitems guides
to list all items containing "guides"
listcommands trade
listcommands to list all commands
listcommands trade to list all commands containing "trade"
listbuffs listbuffs to show buffs active at login time
changecastlename newName changecastlename BobLand

to change name of castle 

(in scripts tab of castle wanting change)

changeflag new_flag
change BOTT
to change the Flag to BOTT
setgate boolean
setgate true

to open gate

setgate false
to close gate
*NOTE : The Auto Gate Control must be disabled with "config gate:0"  to enable this script command.
Building & Research Commands
BuildingTypes can be Found Here
create BuildingType create beacon to create beacon tower
upgrade BuildingType upgrade beacon to upgrade beacon tower
demo BuildingType demo inn to demolish inn by one level
cancelbuild cancelbuild to cancel current building
usebuilditem item usebuilditem Beginner_Guidelines to speed up current building using Beginner Guidelines
waitnobuilding waitnobuilding

to wait for current building to finish

do nothing if there is no current building

techTypes can be Found Here
research techType research ag to research Agriculture
canceltech canceltech to cancel current research
usetechitem item usetechitem Beginners_Guidelines to speed up current research using Beginner Guidelines
waitnoresearch waitnoresearch

to wait for current research to finish

do nothing if no current research

Hero Related Commands
useitem itemname useitem Ivory Horn to use an item (not all items can be used with this command)
useheroitem hero itemname useheroitem SuperHero Excalibur to use an item on a Hero
awardgold A1 A2 GovTina GenAugie A6 A7 A3 A10 A11  awardgold SuperHero to increase hero loyalty by 5
persuadehero hero persuadehero Bob

to persuade a captured hero

(Note: The medals required for persuasion if any are shown in the hero tab)

firehero hero firehero Bob

to fire a hero from the feasting hall. 

The Hero status must be either idle, mayor, or captured, i.e. is not on a mission away from town.

getspamhero [management|strategem]


 to get the best attack hero currently available in the inn.

 getspamhero management

 to get the best politics hero currently available in the inn.

getspamhero strategem  to get the Highest intelligence hero currently available in the inn.
changeheroname oldName newName changeheroname Cedric Bob to change Name of Hero
uplevelhero hero
uplevelhero Bob
to increase hero's level by 1
addpointhero hero pol atk int
addpoint Bob 0 2 0
to allocate unassigned points (from upleveling) to politics/attack/intel.

Trading Related Commands
Note : You can see current bid/ask price in Resource Tab
buy lumber 1000000 1.055 buy lumber 1000000 1.34

to buy 1 Million lumber at 1.34

buyto lumber 10000000 
buy lumber 10000000 1.34

to buy up to 10m lumber at 1.34
if there are already 10m or more lumber, do nothing

sell resource amount price sell lumber 1000000 1.34

to sell 1 Million lumber at 1.34

sellto resource LimitAmount price
sellto lumber 1000000 1.34

to sell all lumber except 1m at 1.34
if there are less than 1m lumber, do nothing.

canceltrade canceltrade to cancel all pending trade
waitresource resource
waitresource f:100000,w:100000
to pause the script execution until the resources listed are available.
 usetradeitem Merchant_Fleet 2642735
 usetradeitem Merchant_Fleet 2642735

To speed up the shipping of trade with id 2642735.

Note : The tradeId is found in the exchange (X) tab. If tradeId is obmitted, the first transaction would be sped up.

Attack & Troop Related Commands
trainto a:1000000000 s:1000000000 w:1000000000  p:1000000 c:1000000 b:1000000
trainto a:400000,s:200000

if there are less than 200k scouts or less than 400k archers, train scouts or archers.

(Note : More than one type of troop can be specified, but only one type of troop can be trained per command. Do nothing if the troopLimit has been satisfied. Cheap troops are trained first.)

dumpresource xxx,yyy condition resource dumpresource 101,100 f:100000,g:50000 f:50000,g:250000 to dump resource to another location when there is too much resource, transporters are needed.
dumptroop xxx,yyy condition troops dumptroop 101,100 a:10000,s:50000 a:200000,s:160000 to dump troops to another location when there are too many troops.
cleartroopqueues [remain_count]


cleartroopqueues 2

to cancel troop queues, leaving remain_count batches in each barrack;

If no remain_count is provided, all batches except the first in each barrack are removed.

 excercise a:99000,p:2000,sw:2000,c:2000,cata:2000 a:100000  excercise a:99000,p:2000,sw:2000,cav:2000,cata:2000 a:100000 to run combat exercises between two groups of troops
hiderainbow hiderainbow

to send the rainbow away

ONLY works when the town in under attack.

The Rainbow is often sent out automatically when the gate is open, but if you wish to hide your resource before the gate change time,(i.e. the value for 'hiding config' is larger than 'gate config'), you may have to send out the rainbow manually.

You can change the time the rainbow to be back with "config attackgap:sec", for example "config attackgap:30".  The rainbow will be scheduled to return if there is no attack in that period.

attackwait type

attackwait loyalty

attackwait honor

attackwait spam

to wait for loyaltyattack, honorattack, or spamattack to end
waithero hero waithero Bob to pause script until hero Bob is available
waitherolost hero1,hero2,... waitherolost Bob,SuperHero to pause script until one of the heroes specified is captured
Fortifications Related Commands
FortTypes can be found Here
walldefense DefType Qty [BuildType]
walldefense at 1000

to build 1000 Archer Towers

walldefense ab 1000 demo to demolish 1000 Abatis
clearwallqueue [remain count]


clearwallqueue 3

to cancel fortifications queue, leaving remain_count batches left.

If no remain_count is provided, all batches except the first are removed.


[edit] Inline Commands

To look up map information, you can use one of the following inline commands. Inline commands start with character "\" and must be typed in the the chat line in the Commands Tab.

[edit] Troop-Type Commands

[edit] qScout

Info / Description
\qscout target hero troop [camptime]
\qscout 101,102 GeniusBob s:1
to Scout 101,102 with hero GeniusBob & 1 scout

[edit] qAttack

Info / Description
\qattack target hero troop [camptime]
\qattack 101,102 Bob a:97000,s:3000
to attack 101,102 with hero Bob & 97k archers and 3k scouts

[edit] qReinforce

Info / Description
\qreinforce target hero troop resource [camptime]
\qreinforce 101,102 Bob cav:500,cata:500 f:15000,i:3000
to reinforce 101,102 with hero Bob & 50k cavs and 50k phracts

[edit] qTransport

Syntax Example Info / Description
\qtransport target troop resource [camptime] \qtransport 101,102 cav:100000 f:20000000 to transport 20 Million Food to 101,102 with 100k cavs

[edit] Search-Type Commands

[edit] SearchEnemies

Syntax Example Info / Description
\searchenemies max_enemies \searchenemies to search for local enemies within your scan radius1

1Scan Radius may be increased with use of the scanmap command

[edit] SearchCastle

Syntax Example Info / Description
\searchcastle alliance|cityname|nickname

\searchcastle Defiance to search for alliance Defiance within Scan Radius1
\searchcastle BobVille to search for CityName BobVille within Scan Radius1
\searchcastle Bob to search for Player Bob within Scan Radius1

1Scan Radius may be increased with use of the scanmap command

[edit] SearchFields

Syntax Examples Info / Description
\searchfields nickname|alliance

\searchfields Bob to search for Fields Owned by Bob within Scan Radius1
\searchfields Storm to search for Fields Owned by Alliance Storm within Scan Radius1

1Scan Radius may be increased with use of the scanmap command

[edit] SearchEnemyFields

Syntax Example Info / Description
\searchenemyfields maxtowns \searchenemyfields 20 to search for Fields owned by Enemies within Scan Radius1

1Scan Radius may be increased with use of the scanmap command

[edit] ListCastles

Syntax Examples Info / Description
\listcastles xxx,yyy xxx,yyy [maxtowns] [min_prestige]

\listcastle 101,100 110,105

to search for all Castles between 101,100 - 110,105

\listcastle 101,100 110,105 30 to search at maximum 30 for Castles between 101,100 - 110,105
\listcastle 101,100 110,105 30 2000000

to search at Maximum 30 for Castles with Prestige minimum of 2Million between 101,100 - 110,105

[edit] Lookup-Type Commands

[edit] Who

Syntax Examples Info / Description
\who nickname \who Bob to lookup Statistical Information for Bob

[edit] Loc

Syntax Examples Info / Description
\loc xxx,yyy \loc 100,101 to lookup Ownership of Location & Statistical Information on Owner

[edit] Alliance

Syntax Examples Info / Description
\alliance alliance \alliance Storm to lookup alliance Storms Alliance Page

[edit] Mail & Report Related Commands

Info / Description / Explanation
\listmail #
\listmail 2
Show Mail Page 2
\listsentmail #
\listsentmail 3
Show Mail Page 3
\listsystemmail #
\listsystemmail 3
Show Mail Page 3
\mail receiver topic message
\mail Bob our_meeting see you at 3:00pm Server Time
Mail Bob with Topic our_meeting an a message
(Note: Topic must use underscores instead of spaces)
\armyreport #
\armyreport 1
Show Page 1 of your army reports
(Note : report URLs are obtained automatically)
\quickarmyreport #
\quickarmyreport 3
Show page 3 of your army reports
(Note : Report headlines are shown together with report id)

\readreport reportid \readreport 91706 Show Report URL for report 91706

[edit] Alliance-related Inline Commands

\alliance alliance \alliance Defiant to see Alliance Defiant's Front Page
\apply alliance \apply Defiant Apply to alliance Defiant
\invite nick
\invite Bob
Invite Bob to alliance Defiant1
\accept alliance \accept Defiant Allow Bob to join alliance1
\Join alliance \join Defiant Accept Invitation to join alliance
\eject nick \eject Bob Kick Bob out of the alliance1
\quitalliance \quitalliance Quit your Current Alliance
\members \members List members in your alliance
\warreport # \warreport 3 Show Page 3 of the War Report

\getrelations alliance \getrelations Storm Show Relationship Status of Alliance Storm
\setenemy alliance \setenemy Storm to set alliance Storm to be hostile 2
\setneutral alliance \setneutral Storm to set alliance Storm to be neutral 2
\setfriend alliance \setfriend Storm to set alliance Storm to be friendly 2
\setnorelation alliance \setnorelation Storm to set alliance Storm to no relation at all 2

\sethost nick \sethost Bob Make Bob the host of the alliance 1
\setpresbyter nick \setpresbyter Bob Make Bob a presbyter 1
\setofficer nick \setofficer Bob Make Bob an Officer 1
\setmember nick \setmember Bob Demote Bob to member status 1

1 Necessary Privilege Required. 2 DUE TO SERVER BUG, ANYONE CAN SET RELATION.

[edit] Remote commands

You can send a private message "//pause code" to the bot to pause it for 60 minutes. Use an arbitrary code initially and look in the "command" window for the code needed to access the bot. 

/Bob //pause dd6452d4

Pause the bot controlling Bob from another account.

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